hi, i'm clara and i'm 17 years old. yes i know my url is very clever.

current story/sim: Rowena Sprout
WARNING: parts of this story may contain NSFW content
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this selfie is from like, weeks ago but i only look cute like, once a week soooo

got myself a bottle of blackberry wine and i’m gonna down it all weeeeee

its beginning to look a lot like christmas… :) we were all hoping carissa would have her baby yesterday so she could beat the weather, but with our luck shell have her today :p oh well!



okay~I’m so happy many people said like this

I think it’s a bit of sexy~~~*_*

Thank you so much^^

so i upload this sweater coat today

and I hope you can love it!

Enjoy it~

  • One recolorable channels
  • Fully morphs supported
  • Base Game compatible
  • Female-YA/Adult-Everyday and outerwear
  • Both package and sims3pack formats available


PS: Simsimi Test it

      My-simmer-life Test it

     Bes-ye94(My best friend) Test it

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i’ve got my graphics settings all turned down as low as they can go and im going to try to launch my game. i just wanna play so bad :(


Baby Bandz: EA’s Rosey-Cheeked hair age converted for toddler girls

Ahhh I’m sorry this is so late o.o I accidentally deleted the file and I was too lazy (and depressed) to re-do it. But so many people have been asking for it, so I put on my big girl boots and re-did it for all you awesome guys <3

So yeah. This hair is for toddler females only, all categories (Including outerwear!) It has 3 recolorable channels (Main band, flowers, and flower centers.) 

If anyone wants to retexture it, go ahead! Just please credit me and link back if possible? <3 

DOWNLOAD HERE (Both .package and .sims3pack files are included in the .zip file!) 

Love all you guys <3 


 Eight bra accessories recolorable ( Base Game Compatible )



SweaterCoat Julies

ShortJacket Gergana

These clothes do not require any EPs( Base Game Compatible )
It’s an edit of a ea games