loving the colors in this area


cute, but in an i’ll-fuck-you-up sort of way


Beyoncé - I Care
Studio Acapella

This video broke my legs


Hi. And also hello.

Batwing accesory (found under earrings)

Polycount: 4.6k

Download: http://1drv.ms/1v25CqZ

Please see my TOU (Or don’t; l’m not a cop.)

Thanks to my beautiful Bombsy and her waifu/butt for helping with things : >



  • Found in face paint
  • Standalone item
  • Please do not reupload
  • DOWNLOAD here

TL;DR: i thought i was going to die in the middle of nowhere

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ya know i love emma watson and her speech was really great and its really awesome  that so many dudes are supporting the cause now but dont think i didnt notice that they didnt care until they were assured for the 100000th time that their issues are being fought too….. dont think that slipped by anyone


Thank you, anon, for requesting this! It’s almost like you read my mind o.O Just earlier today I was thinking about making individual piercings and then I got this message. Weird. Anyways, here are the base game piercings, seperated. I don’t know if this has already been done before as it was literally quite easy to do, but I hope you like these! They come in all the available colors.

Download Link (OneDrive)